Investing with Turtle Star

First and foremost the biggest differentiation that we offer is the way we charge fees for our services. Unlike anyone in the industry, we take fees only when we book profits, there is no fixed % charge p.a. or high water mark or fees chargeable on notional basis. We take 15% of profits only when the profits are booked. Also, when we book the profits the residual portfolio on a cumulative basis should be mark to market positive.

For eg – if 5 companies are purchased for Rs 20 lakh each and later on 1 company gets sold for Rs 25 lakh, then the market value of balance 4 stocks should cumulatively be more than Rs 80 lakh (Rs 20 lakh X 4 – Rs 80 Lakh invested value), then we charge our fees of 15% on Rs 5 lakh profit i.e Rs 75000 + 18% GST. The capital gains is the liability of the client. In nutshell, we make money only if client makes money and in order to maximize our returns we have to maximize client returns. This we believe is a partnership in true sense and our interests are aligned with client interests. We are thus partners of client in their long term wealth creation objective. We feel there is a vaccum of honest quality service in the financial world where interest of client is foremost and interest of service provider that a back seat. We are attempting to fill in this gap and focusing on client first and their requirements and needs are of paramount importance to us.

We are an owner driven organization. Various entities are driven by employees and longevity of employee in an organization is for a limited tenure, this is another differentiation from our side. We are answerable to our clients 24 / 7, we have our skin in the game. The entire ethos of Turtle Star Portfolio Managers is to serve the client with integrity, with no hidden objective and to fill in the vacuum that is created in the financial world of an honest partner in wealth creation for our clients.

All our founders namely Sunil Shah, Bimal Choksi and Ashish Shah have been in the markets since early 1990s. We have experienced the bull and bear markets of 1992 – Harshad Mehta, 2000 – Ketan Parikh & 2008 – Lehman Brothers and this rich experience of facing the pain of bear markets makes us stronger and better than the peers and helps us build our client portfolio better. Stock market is where each one of us has spent our entire life as the first and last career. Hence it gives us an edge over others.