What We Do

We are SEBI Registered Portfolio Managers, working to turn our clients into Investors. As Robert Kiyosaki puts it – an Individual is either a Businessman or a Professional or an Employee – and they continue to be one for their lives. A pilot remains a pilot for life and cannot become a doctor after 20 years of service or a businessman in steel remains in steel for life but cannot become an IT professional with ease. The only person to have this flexibility is investor.

We turn our clients into Investors. Investors have the flexibility of buying any business at any point of time and holding on to them till he desires. Thus an Investor can partner with the best business in the best industry with the best people till the best time is going on, thereafter he can switch to alternates with ease. For eg – if the life cycle is good of Auto Sector – one can hold Auto companies till they want, and if the sector outlook improves for Media sector, one can switch from Auto to Media with ease unlike in any other profession.

As Portfolio Managers, we try to do this professional job for him. Though it looks simple but it is not easy. One has to keep their eyes open and ears on the ground 24/ 7. Business cycle and market cycle change without warnings. We have to be glued to our work so that the client can rest. Our prime objective is to create wealth for our clients and ourselves by being a genuine partner with our clients. We do the job for them and help them make their money work for them.