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What is Portfolio Management Services PMS as per SEBI?
What is Portfolio Management Services PMS as per SEBI? PMS (Portfolio Management Services) is used by high net worth investors to invest in stocks, most are equity-linked. It is offered by brokerages and mutual funds registered with Sebi. There are two types of PMS: Discretionary and Non Discretionary. In discretionary, the fund manager takes investment decisions on behalf of the investor. In non-discretionary, the fund manager suggests investment ideas, while the decision is taken by the client. Sebi mandates Investors need to bring in atleast Rs 25 lakh to invest in a PMS. Alternatively, they can give shares worth Rs 25 lakhs to the fund manager.
What all are the document required to open an PMS account?
Please refer to Get Started page
What is the fee structure in PMS?
PMS providers are mandated to disclose the fee structure in the disclosure document. Our fee structure is -15% on Booked Profits (with condition that at the time of booking profits the balance portfolio is Mark to market Positive at a consolidated level)
Do we have exit load?
Exit Load 5%, 3%, 1% respectively in Years 1, 2 and 3.
What is the redemption procedure in PMS?
Every PMS will be having their own redemption slip that needs to be filled in for redemption. redemptions can happen anytime at investors choice as long as they maintain the minimum investment as subjected in the terms. If an investor planning to close the account, a separate form will be given to close the account after the investor informs us formally that they would like to close the account. Since there is no lock-in, clients accounts would be closed within 15 days.
How should one do tax treatment in PMS investment?
The tax liability of a PMS investor would remain the same, but still investor should consult his tax advisor for the same. Portfolio manager will provide audited statement of accounts at the end of the financial year to assess tax liabilities.
What are the risks associated?
Every investment in capital markets are subject to market risks. We recommend clients to take decisions as per their risk appetite
Is the PMS governed by any regulatory body? Who can offer PMS?
Yes, Portfolio Management Services governed by the regulator of capital markets in India, SEBI. PMS can be offered only by entities having specific SEBI registration for rendering portfolio management services. Currently in India, it is offered by specialized PMS players, asset management companies (AMCs) and brokerage houses.
How can I monitor the performance of my portfolio?
The following reports are emailed to the clients to their registered email id, which will enable the clients to track their portfolios. The Frequency of reports is given under 1. Performance Report – monthly 2. Detailed Portfolio – Holdings – quarterly 3. Transaction Statement – quarterly 4. Corporate Action Statement – quarterly 5. Income Expenses Report- quarterly 6. CA certified Audited Capital Gains Statement – yearly
Can I meet my portfolio management/ Investment Advisory team and discuss portfolio?
In our PMS, we understand that you have given us your hard earned money and therefore we ensure that we answer every query. You can anytime request for an appointment/call and we will arrange a meeting/call with the fund management/Investment advisory team for discussion about portfolio spread and returns or any other query you may have regarding your portfolio.
Can I book my profits partially any time?
Yes, you can withdraw your profit anytime you want, as long as you maintain the minimum investment as subjected in the terms.
Can a NRI avail of the Portfolio Management Service?
The Portfolio Management Services is open for all Indian nationals, resident or otherwise. NRIs will have to open a PIS Account (NRE only) as required under RBI guideline in order to invest in the PMS scheme. NRI following in NRO (resident) category do not need to open a PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) account
What if I want to terminate my PMS account?
To terminate your PMS account, you will need intimate us through an email. In the event of a full withdrawal, please allow us about 2 weeks for orderly trimming of your stock holdings.
Are returns guaranteed by your PMS?
As per SEBI rules, no portfolio manager can guarantee returns. Hence we are not permitted to guarantee any returns.